Handiflight around the world until New Zealand

Given that we had not managed to find any new sponsors and no disabled pilot with MikeGuillaume, Paolo and Eric’s experience is available to enable us to continue safely on our way, we unfortunately have to bring our adventure to a close here in New Zealand. This decision was difficult and painful to take, but it’s the only logical option as safety has always been our top priority.

With 5 months and 30,000 km of flight behind us, we of course remember flying over amazing landscapes, more beautiful than we could ever have dreamed of, but above all we have had encounters with people we will never forget. And I think we have also achieved the goal that motivated Mike to get involved in this adventure:

“The opportunity to participate as a pilot in the Handiflight RTW project is a way in which I hope to use my love for aviation, and the opportunities it has given me, to inspire other people to break down the barriers firstly in their own minds, and then in the minds of those around them about what is possible if one allows oneself to embrace the seemingly impossible. Sometimes all it takes is a changed way of looking at things, or a small adaptation, or a functional aid and suddenly the potential and passion of an individual, seemingly severely limited by one or other disability, can be given wings and fly. It will be a tremendous privilege to be able to support and hopefully communicate in a very tangible way the underlying message of Humanity and Inclusion, that when we focus on our common humanity and provide pathways to inclusion, then we provide the will and the space for everyone to follow their own dreams and imagine a fuller life for themselves and those around them.” Mike Lomberg

We would never have got as far as New Zealand without the precious support of our sponsor Blackwolf, of our Angels, and of all our other partners. We can never thank them enough for their help. Our thanks go also to our patrons for their support and confidence.

One of our aims was to collect funds to help Humanity & Inclusions (HI) finance its many projects around the world. Today on our planet “over 100 million people are awaiting delivery of a wheelchair or an artificial limb”. We flew 30,000 km and collected  about 10,000 CHF. An enormous THANK YOU to all donors for their generosity. We hope to reach our 30,000 CHF target this autumn.

Thanks to all those who helped us during our journey in various different ways. Thanks to the Lions Clubs International who welcomed us so warmly in most of the countries we visited. Their support allowed us to meet, communicate with, share experience and inspire people – some disabled, others not –  whom we would never have been able to encounter without the Lions.

Thanks also to all of you for following us. Your “likes” and your “comments” encouraged us enormously. We were happy to have been able to share this adventure with you, and we hope it also enabled you  to dream.

Safe travels to you all.