A break of 3 months

When we took off from from Switzerland 4 months ago, reaching Australia was our dream. The next goal we set ourselves was to allow other disabled pilots – Pierre Martins, Alex Krol and Lee Rowe – to fly with Eric Dabas right across this continent and meet more disabled pilots: Robert Rickards, David McPherson, Glenn Bannister, Cliff Princehorn and Dave Jacka in Australia, and then Barry Cardno, Tony Christiansen and Ross Millichamp in New Zealand. Several programmes on Australian and New Zealand national channels, as well as many newspaper articles, have helped convey our message of inclusion of people with disabilities, and helped to change people’s perceptions of disability. In many countries, visits to rehabilitation centres have allowed us to meet, share, exchange, inspire and give hope to people who have recently become disabled.

We now have to take a break of 3 months here in New Zealand because Eric could not get an extension of his leave, and no other disabled pilot who has the knowledge and experience that are vital for tackling the flights that lie ahead is available before July. What’s more, we haven’t yet found a new sponsor to allow us to continue our journey. If you know of a company that would like to become a partner and have its logo on our plane, please let us know through the contact page.

Another important goal is to raise funds for Humanity & Inclusion which finances countless projects around the world. We set ourselves the goal of raising 80’000 US$, corresponding to the 80’000 km of our trip. Currently, we have flown 30’000 km and collected about 10’000 US$.

Thank you for your help and see you soon